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Notice to users: This agreement is a legal agreement between you and Suiteng regarding your use of various software products and services provided by Suiteng. Regardless of whether you are an individual or an organization, profitable or not, and what you use (including for the purpose of learning and research), you must carefully read this agreement, including the exemption clauses that exempt or limit Suiteng's liability and the restrictions on your rights. Please review and accept or not accept these terms of service. If you do not agree to these terms of service or Suiteng's amendments to it at any time, you should not use or actively cancel the products provided by Suiteng. Otherwise, any of your use behaviors of registration, login, downloading, and viewing of related services in Suiteng's products will be regarded as your complete acceptance of these terms of service, including acceptance of Suiteng's service terms at any time any modification.

Once the terms of service are changed, Suiteng Company will publish the revised content on the website. Once the revised terms of service are published on the website management background, they will effectively replace the original terms of service. You can log in to Suiteng's official forum to check the latest version of the terms of service at any time. If you choose to accept these terms, it means that you agree to be bound by the terms of the agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of service, you cannot obtain the right to use the service. If you violate the provisions of these terms, Suiteng Company has the right to suspend or terminate your qualification to use Suiteng Company's products at any time and reserves the right to pursue relevant legal liabilities.

After understanding, agreeing, and complying with all the terms of this agreement, you can start using Suiteng's products. You may directly sign another written agreement with Suiteng Company to supplement or replace all or any part of this agreement.

Suiteng Company owns all intellectual property rights of this software. This software is only for license agreement, not for sale. Suiteng Company only allows you to copy, download, install, use or otherwise benefit from the software's functions or intellectual property rights in compliance with the terms of this agreement.

I. Rights permitted by agreement You can use this software for non-commercial purposes on the basis of fully complying with this license agreement without having to pay software copyright license fees

You can modify Suiteng's product source code (if provided) or interface style to suit your website requirements within the constraints and limitations specified in the agreement.

You have the ownership of all member materials, articles and related information in the website constructed with this software, and independently undertake the review and attention obligations of the website content constructed with this software, to ensure that it does not infringe anyone's legal rights and interests, and independently assume the cause If you use Suiteng's software and services for all responsibilities, if you cause Suiteng's or users' losses, you should make full compensation.

If you need to use Suiteng's software or service users for commercial purposes, you must obtain a separate written permission from Suiteng. After you have obtained the commercial authorization, you can apply the software for commercial purposes, and at the same time, determine according to the type of authorization purchased The technical support period, technical support method and technical support content of the technical support, from the time of purchase, within the technical support period, have to obtain technical support services within the specified range through the specified method. Commercial authorized users have the right to reflect and put forward opinions. Related opinions will be considered as the primary consideration, but there is no promise or guarantee that they will be adopted.

You can download the application suitable for your website from the application center service provided by Suiteng, but you should pay the corresponding fee to the application developer/owner.

II. Restrictions and limitations stipulated in the agreement

The software may not be used for commercial purposes (including but not limited to corporate websites, business websites, profit-oriented or profitable websites) without obtaining the written commercial authorization of Suiteng Company. To purchase a commercial license, please visit and refer to the relevant instructions, or you can call 18028613600 Mr. Meng for details. It is not allowed to rent, sell, mortgage or issue sub-licenses to this software or the commercial licenses associated with it.

In any case, regardless of the purpose, whether it has been modified or beautified, or the degree of modification, as long as the whole or any part of Suiteng's products is used, without written permission, the name of Suiteng's product and Suiteng's name in the footer of the page The links to the product foundphp ( must be kept, and cannot be cleared or modified.

It is prohibited to develop any derivative version, modified version or third-party version for redistribution based on the whole or any part of Suiteng's products.

The application you download from the application center, without the written permission of the application developer/owner, shall not be reverse engineered, reverse assembled, reverse compiled, etc., and shall not be copied, modified, linked, reproduced, or assembled without authorization, Publish, publish, and develop derivative products and works related to it.

If you fail to comply with the terms of this agreement, your authorization will be terminated, the rights you have licensed will be taken back, and you shall bear the corresponding legal liabilities.

III. Limited Warranty and Disclaimer

This software and the accompanying files are provided as a form of not providing any explicit or implicit compensation or guarantee.

When users use this software voluntarily, you must understand the risks of using this software. Before purchasing product technical services, we do not promise to provide any form of technical support, use guarantee, or bear any problems arising from the use of this software. Related responsibilities.

Suiteng Company cannot fully monitor the applications uploaded to the application center by a third party, so it does not guarantee the legality, safety, integrity, authenticity or quality of the application; when you download the application from the application center, you agree to judge by yourself And bear all risks without relying on Suiteng Company. But in any case, Suiteng Company has the right to stop the application center service and take corresponding actions in accordance with the law, including but not limited to uninstalling related applications, suspending all or part of the service, keeping relevant records, and reporting to relevant authorities. Suiteng Company does not assume any direct, indirect or joint liability for the losses that may be caused to you and the third party

SuiTeng Company does not guarantee the timeliness, safety and accuracy of the software and services provided. Due to force majeure, factors beyond the control of SuiTeng Company (including hacker attacks, power outages, etc.), the use of software and services are suspended or If you terminate it and cause you losses, you agree to waive all rights to hold SuiTeng Company responsible.

In order to protect the autonomy of the company's business development and adjustment, Suiteng Company has the right to modify the content of the service, suspend or terminate part or all of the software use and service at any time, with or without prior notice. The modification will be announced to Suiteng Company. On the relevant pages of the website, once published, it will be deemed as a notice. If SuiTeng Company exercises the right to modify or suspend or terminate part or all of the software use and services and cause losses, SuiTeng Company shall not be liable to you or any third party.

The details of the end-user license agreement, commercial authorization and technical services of Suiteng Company's products are exclusively provided by Suiteng Company. Suiteng Company has the right to modify the authorization agreement and service price list without prior notice, and the revised agreement or price list will be effective for newly authorized users from the date of change.

Once you start to install Suiteng's products, you are deemed to fully understand and accept the terms of this agreement. While enjoying the rights granted by the above terms, you are subject to relevant constraints and restrictions. Acts outside the scope of the agreement will directly violate this authorization agreement and constitute infringement. We have the right to terminate the authorization at any time, order the damage to stop, and reserve the right to pursue relevant liabilities.

The interpretation, validity and dispute resolution of the terms of this license agreement are applicable to the laws of the Mainland of the People's Republic of China.

If any dispute or dispute occurs between you and Suiteng Company, you should first settle it through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, you hereby fully agree to submit the dispute or dispute to the People's Court of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, where Suiteng Company is located. Suiteng Company has the right to interpret and modify the contents of the above clauses.

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